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Rig Solutions

Rig Solutions: Products

Custom Rig Package

Stringent Trucking Requirements?
Extreme Weather?
Have Your Own Design?
DSII will work with you to develop the best possible solution for your wellsite.


API 4F Masts and Substructures

With our API 4F license running on its 20th consecutive year, DSII boats one of the oldest running API 4F licenses in the world. With designs ranging from 150 Kips to 2,000 Kips, DSII can outfit your drilling rig with a design that fits your scope, and gets you from one hole to the next as quickly as your operator desires.


Pad Drilling Solutions

  • Desert Moving System

  • Integrated X/Y Axis Walking Systems

  • Pin-On X/Y Axis Walking Systems

  • Skidding Systems

  • Festoon Systems

  • Drag Chain Systems


Rig Components

All DSII Fabricated Rig Components are built with quick rig up in mind. By using small modifications to age-old standard industry designs, we can shave hours off of each rig move by setting up your Rig Components in the most efficient way possible.

Pioneer 57 Walking 1.JPG

Refurbishment and Upgrades

We realize that for Drilling Contractors, day rates just aren't what they used to be. DSII can help with a low cost solutions to get your existing rig up to today's competitive (Super Spec) standards

3 Mast 4.JPG

Rig Up and Storage

With 25 Acres and 7 Concrete Rig Up Pads, DSII's Houston facility is perfectly suited to handle any size rig up project. We also offer low cost storage solutions to help you await the next contract.

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