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Field Service

24 Hour Emergency Service

DSII has local international technicians in Colombia, Bolivia, and Ecuador. As well as a multitude of US based technicians ready for deployment as soon as you need us!


API 4G Inspections

DSII performs API 4G inspections on all makes and models of Masts and Substructures. We work with local shops to help cut down on trucking from the field to one of our service centers.


Rig Condition Survey

Let DSII visit your rig and let you know what it will take to get your rig back running once you get a contract. We perform AFE's for any type of upgrade you are looking for.


Unidentified Structures

If your structure is unidentified, that's no issue to us! DSII can dispatch a field technician to survey your structure and send the findings to our Engineering team for a structural analysis. Upon completion an identification plate will be issued.


Preventative Maintenance

Non-Operational Rigs cost your company precious needed capital in this market. Let DSII help you keep your rig running efficiently by using our Preventative Maintenance Program.


Feasibility Study

Want to rack more pipe? Increased Setback? Longer Mast? Top Drive Integration? Let us send an Engineer to the field to determine the possibility of these changes before allocating large amounts of capital.



Technology is only as good as those who use it. Don't send your Rig out to the field without the proper Rig Up, Rig Down, and Rig Operations Training. We have allocated space to allow you to bring your own crew quarters into our yard to assist with rig up and testing.

Field Services: Features
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