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We have a large amount of Drilling Rig Equipment on hand for immediate use for your next project. If you require a quote on any of this equipment, please email You will have a price in under 24 hours.

Inventory: Products
PR1000 Drawworks with Brake.JPG


1000 HP Mechanical Drawworks

Item 3 Mid Continent Right.JPG

Mid Continent U 914-C

1400 HP DC Drawworks

Oilwell 840E.JPG

Oilwell 840E

1500 HP DC Drawworks

Item 4 Ideco 1700 Drawworks.jpg

Ideco 1700

1500 HP DC Drawworks


AMC 1600

1500 HP AC Drawworks

National 1320 UE 2-1_edited.jpg

National 1320 UE

2000 HP DC Drawworks

National 1625 DE.JPG

National 1625 DE

3000 HP DC Drawworks

1500 BBL Mud System 1.JPG

1500 BBL Mud System

Round Bottom Mud System

850 BBL Mud System 2.JPG

850 BBL Mud System

Round Bottom Mud System


DSII 1500K Mast and Substructure

1,500,000 lbs. Capacity


DSII 1250K Mast and Substructure

1,250,000 lbs. Capacity


DSII 1000K Mast and Substructure

1,000,000 lbs. Capacity

850K SELRig Mast and Sub.jpg

DSII 850K Mast and Substructure

850,000 lbs. Capacity


DSII 750K Mast and Substructure

750,000 lbs. Capacity

750K Tubular Mast.JPG

DSII 750K Mast

Hydraulically Raised Tubular Mast


DSII 1000K Substructure

30' Box on Box Substructure

500 BBL Mud Tank Shells.JPG

500 BBL Mud Tank Shells

Shells Only, No Piping/Compartments

425 BBL Mud Tank Shells 2_edited.jpg

425 BBL Mud Tank Shells

Shells Only, No Piping/Compartments

False Floors for 1500 BBL Mud System.JPG

Mud Tank False Floor

Welded Roofs that do not need to be set with a crane

Mud Pump Skids 2 and 3.JPG

Mud Pump Skids

For Electric Mud Pumps

Mechanical Mud Pump Skids.JPG

Mud Pump Skids

For Mechanical Mud Pumps

Mud Pump Guards_edited.jpg

Mud Pump Guards

For Electrically Driven Mud Pumps


500 BBL Water Tank

Complete with Electrical Swing Arm

Warehouse Workshop Outside.JPG


For Tool and Consumable Storage


Driller's Cabin Shell

Complete with AC Unit and Parts House

Accmulator Junk Bin.JPG

Accumulator Skid

Complete with Junk Storage Bin

HPU Choke Skid.JPG

Trip Tank/Choke Manifold Skid

Does not include piping

DSII Trailer for Trailer Rig.JPG

Trailer for Trailer Mounted Rig

4 Axle Trailer

25 foot V Door.JPG


Fits 25' Substructure Height

30 foot V Door and Catwalk 2_edited.jpg


Fits 30' Substructure Height


Cable Trays

40' Cable Trays for Electrical, Air, and Water

National 500 Ton Block Rebuilt.JPG

500 Ton Block

National 500 Ton Traveling Block

Hydraulic Catheads.JPG


Foster Catheads

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