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Design and Development Engineer (Houston, TX): Analyze, design, coordinate and supervise the development of rig systems. Witness inspections, assemblies, fabrication and testing of materials and equipment. Perform examinations of equipment and materials during all phases of manufacturing or processing in accordance with requirements of applicable specifications and industry codes.  Perform expediting of equipment or material delivery and documentation, procedure design.  Inspect packaging, loading and shipment of materials and equipment as requested.  Provide feedback to analysis/training staff about performance considerations/usability issues concerning specifications and implementation. Review changes in manufacturing standards and the environment that will affect system performance.  Maintain positive client interaction. Understand client business scenario and propose and deliver complete solutions to comprehensively address the drilling needs of international clients on a short time table.  Make presentation to customer or client audiences or professional peers.  Provide recommendations to management concerning issues of manufacturing productivity. Autocad, Inventor, Multiframe, SAP, Adept Project, StruCad. Must know Spanish.  Company has a branch office in Colombia and must be able to coordinate with Colombian office in Spanish regarding all types of manufacturing projects. 40hrs/wk. Requires Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering plus 36 months of experience as an Industrial Engineer. Resumes Drilling Structures International Inc. P.O. Box 680207 Houston, TX 77268

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